What Services Does 3D Design Company Provide?

What Services Does 3D Design Company Provide?


A 3D design company as the name suggests provides mainly a diverse array of 3D design related services. These services may include but certainly not be limited to 3D floor plans, 3D product design, interior, and exterior 3d design, 3D game design,and various other 3D modeling services. Generally speaking, large companies may offer more services with single person companies or freelancers offering one or two services.

The most common 3D related service offered happens to be modeling services in general. The modeling services range from highly detailed renders to simple wireframe models. The prices of which vary depending on the detail, the skill of the designer and the software they use to get the job done.

We briefly go into each type of service that a 3D design company will offer. Main services that 3D design company provides: 3D apartment floor plans, interior and exterior 3D design, 3D product visualization and also 3D game design.However, if you’re interested in a service which isn’t listed on a provider’s website, make sure to send them an email to find out. Many times these companies only list the most popular services but have expertise that far outweighs what is listed.

Professional 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor plans have been around for some time now, and the beauty is that it allows regular people to see how their home would end up looking. Let’s face it regular 2D floor plans are hard for people who aren’t architects to understand. That’s why many builders, architects, and interior designers rely on 3D floor plans to show their potential clients the outcome of their proposed design.

The detail of these 3D plans can vary depending on the complexity of the plans themselves. However, drafting accurate plans in 3D requires an understanding of not just 3D design, but also architecture. That’s why it is one of those services that’s only offered by larger businesses who often have multiple architects as part of their team. Nevertheless, if you’re sending a proposal to a client 3D floor plans can help you potentially seal the deal.

3D Product Design

3D is the future of product design because it allows for brands and individual to display or market products which may still be in the pipeline. Thanks to technology brands are able to hire a company who can design everything from the packaging of the product to the actual product itself (the way it appears). That shortens the time it takes to gauge demand in the market and get started with developing the required marketing collateral for the product.

3D product design also helps potential buyers to view and understand the product from all sides. For instance, an online store selling shoes will want for potential buyers to examine the shoe in as much detail as they would at a regular store. So, the 3D design allows the potential buyers to twist and turn the product in a 3D space. They can also change the color of the shoe in real time or even customize their shoe like adding a custom stole, changing the laces, etc. It is for this reason that there are a growing number of businesses now hiring companies like ours to undertake highly detailed 3D product design.

Interior and Exterior 3D Design

The visual representation of a proposed design is the best way to sell it. Many interior designers and builders are waking up the fact that it is far easier to convince clients to accept a design if they can see how it looks in a 3D space. That’s where interior and exterior 3D design comes in.

Many 3D design companies offer this service, but few are able to provide the kind of quality that sells. It goes without saying that the design of these interior and exterior spaces can vary in detail. Obviously, the more detail that’s added, the easier it becomes for the potential client to understand what they are getting or what the proposed design has to offer.

When hiring a company to undertake building a 3D design model, it is important that the 2D designs you provide are detailed. It is also important to speak with the company to ensure that they understand that these designs will be used as part of a proposal to a client. That way they know exactly how to make the design pop and eventually sell the idea along with the other collateral you’re using.

3D Game Design

Almost all games today are developed in 3D. Graphics matters as much as gameplay and storyline. That’s is why indie and even large game developers may outsource their 3D design to competent companies.

3D game design services range from modeling to character animation. The depth of the model in terms of features, textures and other stuff can vary from being simple to highly detailed. It is up to the game development company to define how much detail they want.

Most 3D design companies that offer 3D game design service are large and established. They often have several game developers, designers and animators on staff to handle the workload. Plus, the price of the service varies depending on a number of variables which include detail of the design amongst other things.

Many Companies Offer Various other 3D modeling services Not Listed

Apart from all the services we mentioned above 3D design companies may offer other modeling and animation services. People who are interested in hiring the company are strongly advised to speak with customer service or send them an email to find out what other services they offer.

When hiring a 3D design company, it is essential to send the company a detailed description of what you want. Make sure to set and manage your expectations from the very beginning. Always convey to the company the amount of detail you want to be included. All of this will ensure that the result is as you expected. However, the most critical step is to hire a 3D design company with credibility and an impressive portfolio of previous work similar to the type you’re looking for to ensure the best results.