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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Video Editor


Do you want to start recording videos that look professional in a simple and economical way?

Distinguish yourself and stand out among the thousands of people who upload unprofessional videos to social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook …

You would think that it took months to prepare, study the team, analyze, gather information … right?

Most people will feel overwhelmed … but the reality is different. Currently a video professional or starting a career like YouTube, creating quality content is easier than it looks.

This guide is intended for people who want to start a channel on YouTube or other social networks like Instagram, twitch, etc. And answer the basics: What do I need to start recording good video?

If we needed thousands of dollars of material and equipment years ago, today we can get extraordinary results with a relatively simple investment, even using a cellphone camera and other elements that we already have.

If we do not understand the basic needs in terms of recording video, we will not get professional material and our video will be considered of poor quality or poor quality; which will cause viewers to lose interest and move on to something else, even if the message is interesting.

Video As An Important Element:

Video has become an important element in any digital channel. All information that we consume is best digested through audiovisual products for simple psychological reasons and the main thing is because it is more interesting for our brains to see dynamic elements while telling us a story. If you consider that you do not have the skills needed to declare yourself as a video editor then this article is ideal for you because we will provide you with the ways needed to achieve your goals and in a matter of weeks you can make interesting audiovisual products.

Here Is The Definitive Guide You Must Follow To Become A Video Editor:

1. Basics Of Editing:

The first thing to master is functions: Cut, Paste, Basic Transition, Adjust Audio. Once you have knowledge of these elements you can create your assembly that holds all of your clips needed to tell a story through audiovisual.

2. Master The Narration:

So, once the assembly is complete, it’s time for you to master: rhythm and frame. By rhythm we mean, the rhythm of your video is dynamic, smooth and with precise cuts. Transition and cutting into black people also played a role. The frame is the factor that determines how you communicate a particular shot and it will help your narrative be understood in a good way.

3. Learn Editing Techniques:

Because you make sure that the assembly is adequate and the narrative is well understood, it is time to “decorate” it with other elements that will make your video difficult to delete. For that, you need to master the entire Transition library and you know which one to use at all times. Audio is very important for videos to be interesting so it also adds effects to make the experience better. Finally, practice a mask that will help you make a montage for titles or transitions in different shots.

4. Basic Post Production:

Since your part is almost complete, you must also learn to master the “Green Screen”. Details like color adjustments will bring your video to life and will be a good ally for your narration. Sound Design is very different for sound purposes because when you create Sound Design you create a model that will give realism to your clips and at the same time as your video. Don’t forget to take Motion Graphics courses because they will be useful in several transitions. Finally, you must learn about Video Format, the use of Online Audio Converter, Camera, and Format Conversion

5. Export To Other Programs:

Because your video is ready for export, you must master various formats for Color, Audio and 3D Animation programs such as xml, omf, tiff.

6. Post Production:

To complete your definitive guide, become an expert by mastering themes such as 3D Animation, Color Correction, Audio Mixing and Mastering, Render in different formats.