Smart Ways To Increase The Sales Performance & Productivity

Smart Ways To Increase The Sales Performance & Productivity


Most seasoned sales reps learn important industry sales performance tips and tricks throughout their career. These will help them create a solid way to increase their sales skills. If this describes you, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re here to refresh your knowledge, not learn new secrets for succeeding in sales. However, there’s one thing you should admit: Things are always changing. You must understand the benefits of sales transformation and be open to the process of improvement if you want to continue to be successful. With this in mind, here are some help that can launch your career to the next level.

Create a Better Sales Plan

Fit Small Business says while you may realize that your sales plan summarizes your sales team’s objectives, your sales process, strategies and tactics and defines how you’ll measure success, you may not have one in place. Even if you do have one, it may not address the key elements that truly make it effective. It’s important for you to take time to do this because it will improve your sales performance by:

  • Helping you brainstorm ideas, improve your plan and get others to buy into and deliver it
  • Aligning your sales team so everyone is focused on delivering the same clear objectives
  • Defining clear measures that help you track your weekly performance, so you operate efficiently and effectively

Make sure you review your sales plan to make sure it covers everything. If you don’t yet have a sales plan, make sure you create one immediately. It should:

  • Include your sales objectives as well as the strategies and tactics that help you meet these objectives
  • Address both new and existing customers
  • Define how you measure sales performance and progress

KPI: The glue of your communication strategy

Sales metrics (a.k.a. sales analytics) help you measure the various aspects of your sales performance so you can identify key learning and focus on what you must improve. This will help you in many ways, including:

  • Monitoring your progress so you can execute your sales plan’s objectives
  • Identifying your sales pipeline’s strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on making the necessary improvements
  • Objectively assessing how each of your sales reps is performing so you can give them the support they need to do even better

Make sure you take time to review your sales metrics to make sure they cover each of the key aspects of sales performance that you need to measure. If you don’t have any sales metrics in place, then it’s time to set some up. Thethree key types of sales analytics you’ll want to make sure you measure include:

  • The health of your sales pipeline
  • Your sales stage conversion analytics so you have a better understanding of your sales performance throughout each stage of your customer’s buying journey
  • Your sales stage activity so you know what’s going on in each stage of your customer’s buying journey

More Effective Sales Meetings

Most small businesses host weekly sales meetings. However, many of these same businesses don’t know how to make sure that their sales reps are consistently high performing sales reps. They also continually have the same sales manager and team involved weekly. This isn’t going to improve your sales performance, but it will:

  • Keep your team members focused on accomplishing their personal objectives within your sales plan
  • Help your team learn from one another
  • Motivate your team to be more of a team even while being competitive
  • Help your sales manager review the sales pipeline’s health
  • Let your sales manager see that their team is regularly achieving sales revenue targets

This is why having weekly sales forecast meetings is so important. Make sure that only your sales manager and their sales reps are in attendance. You should also have biweekly sales pipeline meetings that focus on your sales pipeline’s overall health. These should include your sales reps and any marketing execs and account managers who are involved in lead generation and sales enablement.

Engage Your Team Through Gamification

Xactly Corp says you need to keep your sales team actively engaged so they continue being successful. By capitalizing on your employees’ potential you’re increasing your sales performance. Gamification is the best way to make this happen today because it causes your reps to want to brag a little. It also provides them with real-time feedback which is also beneficial. Just remember not to make things so challenging that your employees are no longer interested in or motivated to continue engaging with this system.

Use Technology            

Typically, when more technology is introduced into a business the business will become more efficient, productive, and able to save both time and money. For instance, with CRM software in place you won’t need to spend as much time analyzing data. By using it to save time and energy, your employees can focus more intently on providing customers with an excellent experience or getting more productive work done to finish projects, save money, and increase sales.

Find and Hire Smart People

When your employees can quickly and easily look up inventory stock, product information, and order statuses they look much more knowledgeable which will help them gain your customers’ trust. You should expect your customers to ask questions while they’re shopping. By giving your employees mobile devices that can help them dispense accurate product or inventory information you’ll increase your sales. The last thing you want is your customers to feel that looking this information up themselves would be faster and more accurate.

Work on Time Management Skills

Sales Force says there’s a difference between good salespeople and great salespeople. This difference starts with how they use their time. Great sales people spend more time prospecting, so they end up having great customers. They’re also very disciplined in how they use their time while they’re prospecting. Instead of treating this as an activity they need to do, they’re disciplined enough to actually get it done. Instead of thinking you can’t be great here, you need to stop wasting time and get to work. Along the way it’s also a good idea to read up on and start practicing some good time management skills.