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Recruitment With The Help Of Psychometric Tests


Recruitment refers to the process of selection and appointment of applicants for the specified job in the organization. In other words, it can be hiring the right person for the right job. It is not only to hire the person for filling the current vacancy, but it is also about hiring someone who will have long term impact in the organization. In other words, Hiring is a simple process in which job is posted and candidates apply for the same and are selected. But recruitment is a long-term strategic process going through various steps before hiring a candidate. 

It is important to recruit the right person for a particular job having the required skills and abilities which further meets the needs and requirements of the organization. In the recruitments process, there are various steps such as planning, strategy development, searching, screening and evaluation, and control. In the era of advancement, the recruitment process also has undergone some advancements i.e. psychometric test for recruitment. It is the test used to assess the intelligence, aptitude, and attitude of an applicant. These tests are used by the companies to analyze whether the applicant is suitable for the specified job or not. These tests are designed according to the skills and knowledge level required for that particular job.

Purpose Of Recruitment: –

. ‌Determine Current And Future Needs: –

It is the most crucial objective of recruitment. If the right and skilled employees are recruited according to their job requirements, then it will be easy to accomplish the current and future goals of an organization.

. ‌Increase In Job Pool: –

It helps in the increase in the applicants applying for a job and made it easy for the organization to hire them after shortlisting at minimum cost.

. ‌Assistance In Increasing Success Rate: –

It helps in the screening of the applicants best suited for the job and hence leads to an increase in the success rate.

. ‌Meeting Social And Legal Obligation: –

It helps in meeting social and legal duties towards combinations of employees.

. Increasing Effectiveness: –

Right hiring of individuals showing the required skills can help in increasing the effectiveness of an organization.

Measures Of The Human Personality Under The Psychometric Test: –

. ‌Positive Personality Test: –

It is an innovative test designed in such a way that the employer gains access to the hidden personality traits of the applicants that is important to know their behavior at the workplace.

. ‌Dark Personality Traits: –

To work under the place of increasing work pressure, it is important to know about the dark personality traits of an applicant that how he/she behaves at that time. Hence, this test is designed to assess the negative aspects of the applicant.

‌. Motivation, Value, and Preferences: –

This test is designed to know by what the person is most influenced and motivated by which the maximum work can be taken from that person.

. Cognitive ability: –

This test checks the person’s ability to absorb the new environment and the speed, quickness of the person in problem-solving.

Determining The Quality Of Psychometric Test: –

. ‌Understanding The Law: –

It is necessary that questions in the test are relevant to the job description or skills and these are to be checked by the employers or HR so that their legal provisions regarding the same can be complied with.

. ‌Understanding Business Needs: –

The psychometric test should be designed in such a way that all the business needs and requirements get accomplished i.e. test should be set after considering the purpose, job roles, industry, and geographical factors.

. ‌Built To Withstand Malpractices: –

Some candidates are interested in gaming results and hence it is important to check their references and ratings so that their consistency and correlation can be checked.

. ‌Assessing The Assessments: –

It is important to constantly assess the candidates because the candidates may improve while working with the organization.

Hence, these aspects are important to hire an individual for the development of an organization. This psychometric test for hiring provides the employer with better evaluation and analysis of the applicant applying for the job. Moreover, it is also important for organizations to focus on their hiring strategies because only a strong recruitment strategy can help HR to recruit the best-skilled persons. The need for the hour is to attract the right person with the right potential for the job which is possible only with strategic recruitment.

Strategic Recruitment To Attract Talent Are: –

. ‌Broader Job Vacancy:

 It means there should be a detailed description of the job regarding the company profile, history, pay scale, etc. It is important to post or advertise a job vacancy in an effective way so that candidates can be attracted.

. ‌Campus Recruitment: –

It is the best way to attract young and fresh talent from the college or university campus as they are the ones with fresh and innovative ideas.

‌. Flexible: –

There should be flexibility in the workings of the employees as today’s generation doesn’t want boring work life. There should be options for holidays and work from home.

. ‌Increase In Perks: –

There should be an increased number of perks such as holidays, trips, etc. so that candidates may get attracted and a healthy work environment can be maintained.

. ‌The organization Of Competitions: –

It is a very good platform to hunt for talent as competitions can be held in the colleges to recruit the best.

. ‌Social Media Recruitment: –

In the era of modernization, recruitment should also be done on social media where the brand can be promoted at low cost and talent can be attracted.

‌. Employee Referral Program: –

It is hiring the candidate based on the reference given by an existing employee.

Therefore, it can be concluded that recruitment is an important process for hiring employees and it is necessary to make an effective strategic plan for hiring. Further, these advertisements regarding hiring should be set up in such a manner that it should create fear in the mind of candidate that not to lose the opportunity. 

Moreover, it is important to carry on the recruitment process and psychometric tests very carefully. And various applications and software are conducting these tests which saves time as it took a lot of time to design a psychometric test.


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