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How To Find Quality Leads Who May Be Interested In Your Technology Without Much Effort


Despite the fact that tech companies spend a lot of time and effort searching for leads, only a few of them manage to achieve tangible results.

According to statistics from B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, 80% of marketing experts consider their lead generation efforts only slightly or somewhat effective.

In this article, we will discuss working lead generation methodologies for tech companies based on the experience of Webspotter team.

We will also tell you about three ways how you can quickly get qualified leads for your tech company right now.

How Tech Companies May Find Leads Interested In Their Technologies

From our point of view, there are several ways how tech companies can regularly get qualified leads. Here are some of them:

  • Tech companies may rely on content marketing

Sure, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to regularly receive qualified leads.

Right target audience and relevant content may bring hundreds of potential customers.

The data from Marketo confirms that 93% of B2B companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

  • Tech companies may rely on customer referrals

Many potential customers find service providers based on advice and positive referrals.

This is how user reviews from Clutch look like. (Source: clutch.co)

Thus, having a good reputation, your business can regularly receive dozens of qualified leads.

Capterra says that word of mouth referrals is one of the top sources of new business for B2B software marketing specialists.

Despite all the benefits, these both approaches have some significant downsides.

First, such approaches may take a lot of time.

For example, to make your blog bring some results, you may have to spend weeks and months on finding your target audience and creating valuable content.

This requires the establishment of a complex process consisting of several stages (writing, editing, promotion, etc.).

Second, such approaches are quite unpredictable.

Managing a company’s blog is a constant trial of errors, so you may just waste time and great sums of money in vain.

You can probably guess why the results of word of mouth are also may be hard to predict.

Even if your business has a good reputation and some fame, you still do not know how many qualified leads and when it may get.

In order to get more predictable results and save resources, you should try other methods of lead generation.

Here is what we can offer you.

Here Are 3 Ways That May Help You Quickly Find Leads Interested In Your Technology

1. Buy off the shelf lists of sales leads

If you have not much of the qualified sales leads in your CRM system or database at the moment, you may have to assign some budget to buy a list of leads.

Still, this method has some significant drawbacks.

The data may just be old and irrelevant or you may be buying leads that are already in your CRM system.

You may even be buying a lead that is already your customer or a lead that doesn’t suit your AUP (AUP means acceptable use policy).

If you still decide to buy lists of leads, here are some lead generation firms you may look up to – SalesRipe, Insideview, and Lusha.

2. Use lead generating tools

Instead of buying lead lists, you can use special software to find qualified leads yourself.

For instance, you may use such tools as Webspotter, a website platform checker.

Here’s how you can benefit from this particular tool.

If you develop websites based on Magento, you can get a list of potential customers using Magento and offer them your products and services.

If you create WordPress plugins, you can get the list of websites using WordPress.

If you want to find eCommerce stores with advanced analytics, you may trace them all with the website platform checker.

There is also another option to search for qualified leads using Webspotter.

You may lure customers away from your competitor. All you have to do is to find sites that use your competitor’s technology and offer them your services.

To find all the sites that use the technology you are interested in, you just have to enter its name in the search line. Immediately after this, you will be able to get a list of qualified leads.

Also, if you already have some companies in mind, but you are not sure that they are using the appropriate technology, you can check every single website.

You need to enter your potential client’s address in the search bar and you will see all the technologies that are used on his or her website.

Now let’s look at the last way to get leads that won’t take much time and money.

3. Start displaying testimonials and reviews

If your site is popular enough, but visitors do not convert into leads, you can try to fix the situation.

Add positive testimonials to your landing pages, as they can significantly increase the percentage of conversions.

This may seem like a trifle to you, but you shouldn’t neglect the power of positive feedback.

User reviews can be presented in the form of text as well as in other formats. (Source: hotjar.com)

Latest Demand Gen’s report shows that 64% of B2B buyers think that user-generated content (such as consumer reviews) is more credible than other types of content.

If you already have a plenty of satisfied customers, you should reach out to them and ask for a short testimonial that you can post on your website.

Our experience shows that this may significantly increase the percentage of conversions.

Wrap up

Most tech companies may miss a large number of qualified leads every month, and thus, they lose money.

To find leads, some businesses may rely on the power of content marketing or word of mouth.

But what to do if you can’t afford months of waiting for the results and you need clients here and now?

You can try to use three quick ways to get leads for your tech company.

Here they are:

  1. Buy off the lists of leads from third-party providers
  2. Use specific lead generating tools
  3. Start showing positive user reviews on your website

How do you find qualified leads for your tech company?