Enhance Your Children’s Cognitive Ability With Dora Games

Enhance Your Children’s Cognitive Ability With Dora Games


Games are an essential part of any child’s development. Parents should, therefore, be more concerned about games their kids play and why they play them. Dora game is one of the best games. It is educative and makes children creative. It also equips them with problem-solving skills. Try this website.

Here are different types of Dora game

  • Dora the Explorer Find those Puppies

In this game, Dora is tasked to find all the puppies. Can you help her look for them by avoiding all the obstacles? All you need to do it to dash, jump and grab the puppies. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to dash and Spacebar to jump.

  • Dora Pony Care

This is another exciting adventure game. In this case, you are supposed to take care of her pony. Click on the offered tools using your mouse to wash her hair or clean the stable. You can also saddle the pony.

  • Dora pony ride

In this adventure game, you should collect as many candies as possible and at the same time cover the longest distance. The little pony only knows to ride forward, but you can help it learn to move faster and fly.

So how do you play this game? First, use the Space Bar every time you want to jump over an obstacle or onto another land.

Secondly, use the letter ‘D’ from your keyboard to collect the sweet candies within the shortest time. The collected sweet candies and distance covered will earn you money. And you know you can purchase anything with money.

  • Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

Dora needs your assistance to get to her birthday party on time. All you have to do is leap through trees, ride a magical bubble and climb on the top of a magical unicorn.

To play, click the “Start Game” button. Make sure your favorite browser allows popup.

  • Dora’s Carnival Adventure

In this magical game, your children can play ten games with Dora and friends. They will also win tickets for prizes as well as keep the tickets in personal treasure chests.

This game is not only fun but also enhances your kids’ counting skills, memory skills and eye-hand coordination. Order this game and delight the child in your life.

  • Injection learning with Dora

Dora is a little girl who likes trying new and different things every day. In this game, she learns how to give injections to patients. She also invites kids to share their experience on the same.

  • Dora Cooking in La Cucina

Dora is also a passionate cook. Playing this game helps you learn new recipes. Just go into the kitchen and choose a dish you want to make and select the right ingredients. Use your mouse to play.

  • Dora’s Music Maker Game

Do you love music? Dora has a lot of musical instruments that are played by her family members. They include a guitar, flute, bongo drums and rattles. Click on any musical instrument to make good music.


The list of Dora game is endless. Here is a great site where you can find more interactive games and other fun activities for your kids.