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A New Link Building Strategy For 2019


It’s a brand-new year. And if you are in online business, you know that internet years are a lot like dog years.

In other words, the internet finds way to squeeze a whole lot more into the space of 365 days than most other industries do. Things are always changing online at a speed that will make your head spin.

That is why it is so important to make sure your business strategies are keeping pace with the times. And as we start this new year, updating your link building strategy needs to be on the top of your list.

However, if you are searching for ways to update your strategy, you’ll quickly find that much of the info out there is old, outdated, and a waste of time. That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at a link building strategy that works in 2019.

This strategy is proven to work and get you the kind of results that will propel your business forward in 2019.

A Great Home on the Web

An awesome link building strategy needs to start with you home on the web. Getting awesome backlinks is not going to happen if your website is full of 404s, lame style, and bad copy.

The time and money you invest in updating your website and making it truly shine will be resources well spent. An outdated or confusing website can kill any shot you have at winning at the backlink game.

Creating High-Value Link Assets

Once you have your website squared away and sparkling, it is time to begin creating high-value link assets. When you are looking for backlinks, your prospects are going to check out your past content to see if you are any good.

Prove to them that you are.

However, remember that no one likes a bragger. Let your expertise speak for itself and don’t go around honking your own horn.

Turn your website into a place where you can teach people vital things that they need to know. Don’t hide your expertise behind a price tag either. By providing serious, tangible value to people, you will demonstrate your value, establish your credibility, and attract a crowd that can’t be ignored.

The Golden Prospect

Any successful link building strategy must involve the identification of your “Golden Prospect”. This is the person or website that would absolutely transform your business through one good backlink. Whatever your industry is, identify who these people would be and write them down.

This list is who you need to go after. Don’t set your sights low and settle for subpar backlinks. Shoot for the absolute top.

Once you get a backlink from one of these top influencers, other backlinks will follow. You will further establish your credibility. You will gain more referral traffic. Google will rank you higher. And you will establish a relationship that will pay dividends for years to come.

Make Them WANT to Link to You

Alright, you have your website in order, you have high-value link assets in the form of stellar content, and you have a list of Golden Prospects that will catapult your business forward if you can get them to give you a backlink.

Now what?

Now you need to make those Golden Prospects WANT to link to you.

But how?

So glad you asked!

First, you need to keep in mind the value that you are looking at. As they say, respect garners respect. So, if you approach the relationship in that way, you will see them respond more positively.

Second, remember that a misplaced request, or one that is too hasty, or one that is done the wrong way can have serious negative results.

Third, show your Golden Prospect that you are their number one promoter. This is an easy, fantastic way to provide them with some value up front.

And finally, promote your Golden Prospect every chance you have. The internet can be a pretty nasty place. Show them that you have their back and that you value them and what they have to offer.

A Link Building Strategy You Can Take to the Bank

Not having a strategy is like trying to sail a ship with no rudder. You might be going places, but chances are they are not places you want to go.

This principle is true of link building. Without a solid strategy that is proven to work, you won’t accomplish your goals and you will waste time, money, and resources doing it.

With this simple, proven link building strategy, you have the basic tools you need to get the backlinks you need and move your business forward in 2019.