7 Best Automobile Apps Everyone Should Use

7 Best Automobile Apps Everyone Should Use


It’s the 21st century; it’s mostly boring these days to be without certain technological apps. Cars could be interesting to have and cruise around. There’s still much fun and utility to be unleashed with the power of certain apps. These apps are available on diverse operating systems for use. A lot of possible distractions, tasks, and other burdens could easily be lifted off your to-do list. Here are a few of these amazing apps you could arm yourself with while on the road or when performing any automobile related activities. Driving lessons Dublin will expose you to being dexterous with different in-car features as you also learn to use mobile apps.


There is almost a no better way of keeping tabs on what happening ahead on the road. Waze keeps you regularly updated about traffic, construction, crashes, and so many other things. This helps you save time as waze switches your route if there is traffic on a particular route ahead.

You could easily spice up your driving experience with different beautiful tunes from your favorite apps, podcasts and so on. Cost-effectiveness is also achieved; wave helps in finding spots where gas is sold for a lesser amount of money. You can also be dynamic with your selection based on preferences as many voices exist to guide your navigation on the road. Waze is a fantastic app to have while on the road.

Waze collects information from drivers and not some weird algorithm. Waze has a social media interface that creates a light atmosphere for driving.


Fixd brings out the automobile-savvy in you. With FIXD, Complex terms that your mechanic tells you could be clearly let out in plain English words for easy comprehensibility. Whenever your car has suddenly developed a particular fault, FIXD analyses it and notifies of the consequence of continued driving.

There is a hotline for premium users with which they can reach mechanics. Some of the services you are exposed to include emissions pre-check, issue forecast, issue frequency. Improvements are continually being made from time to time to increase the functionality of the app.

Speed Tracker

This is great in tracking your speed on the road. If you are ever curious about the speed you are moving at on any means of transportation whether on a boat, rail or bike.

It stays on your car dash to complement even the aesthetics. It is readable even in sunlight or just any kind of weather. You can set a speed limit for your vehicle and track how speedily you are moving either on air, plain or boat. Of course, every driver knows how to check speed especially if they have experienced the EDT driving lessons Dublin has to offer.

The app also has a trip computer. The trip computer delivers precise facts about coordinates, the stops and motion, average speed and other movement related statistics. Additional features of the app include a map which acts as a GPS tracker, should you be in danger of getting lost. It has been optimized to be suitable for tablets. This enables all information to be displayed for a more comprehensive overview at a glance. It also contains a trip log and a HUD. It is an excellent automobile app to have in possession.

  • The app is available in different languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 11.4 or later.


If you happen to own an electric car or plug-in hybrid, PlugShare connects you to a large community of EV owners. It also associates you with a network of 140,000 public charging stations across continents. Europe and North America, Tesla supercharger network, Clever, Enel, Blink, ChargePoint. It arguably has the world’s largest EV driver community. PlugShare has a wide distribution of station reviews, close to 1 million and also photos to enable drivers easily decide on which charging stations to choose.

PlugShare is the official charger locator for the Nissan No Charge to Charge Program.  PlugShare enables drivers to be aware of EV charging stations around their vicinity, connect will fellow drivers, check chargers compatible with a vehicle and also allows quick payment for charging in different places.

EOBD Facile

Diagnosis has never been made easier. EOBD facile lets you diagnose your car automatically by plainly connecting an ELM327 device appropriately to the OBD2 port of your car. After doing this, you would run the application. It will analyze and give gearbox and engine fault codes (DTC). It also tells you what they mean. The definitions are available in a number above 11 thousand. It also displays manufacturer error codes for some cars and gives accurate facts about car speed, torque and so many more.

EOBD Facile lets you take records of your journey, and you will be able to recover them on your devices. The app is compatible with only some vehicles. You should check to find out if your car is compatible.


Mobile.de allows you to buy and sell used cars online without many hassles. The app lets you filter your search and gives you the chance to get your desired cars at affordable prices. It has a wide range of displayed cars. You would most likely find your preferred car brand with close to 1.5 million registered vehicles. It enables you to save time through its filtered search and gives regular alerts on fantastic opportunities; it allows you to place ads momentarily and so many more. This is a must-have app for automobile users who wish to sell or purchase vehicles at will.


GasBuddy lets you purchase gas at the lowest prices wherever you may be. With GasBuddy, you can quickly locate gas stations nearest to you. You can narrow your searches with some features like a car wash, restaurant, and restrooms.

You also have access to several reviews going into thousands to help you make the best decision in choosing gas stations. GasBuddy has some features that enable you to save fuel. There is a reward system for participating in different activities. GasBuddy is very engaging, and you would enjoy including it to your list of automobile apps.

These apps will surely augment your level of ease and make owning an automobile more interesting. They have utilities in different automobile need areas. You are sure to have an optimum experience with automobiles using these apps. They are all compatible with both iOS and Android devices.